Bob Ballard


With a career spanning over four decades, I am Bob Ballard, the founder of RHB Productions Ltd. I have been dedicated to commentary and reporting on various sporting events since the mid-'80s, providing insightful and engaging coverage that resonates with audiences. Additionally, my presence as a music and news presenter on BBC Local Radio has allowed me to connect with listeners on a deeper level, sharing my extensive music knowledge dating back to the 1950s.

My commitment to improvement and setting realistic, achievable goals drives my passion for excellence in every aspect of my work. I specialise in commentary on a wide range of sports, including swimming, diving, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, water polo, football, and cricket. I bring a wealth of expertise to the world of media and entertainment.

Whether it's diving into the intricacies of a swimming match or delivering exciting play-by-plays of basketball games, my specialties ensure that I deliver top-notch content and captivate audiences with my dynamic storytelling.

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